Saturday, 31 March 2018

More media attention for "Muslimischer Antisemitismus"

My new book continues to get the attention of German media. Indeed, even an Israeli radio station this morning reported about the coverage in “Der Spiegel”. 

Here’s a link to a piece in today’s Süddeutsche Zeitung.

And this is a link to an interview with me in today’s Berliner Zeitung.

And here’s how you can now get it at Amazon (where it is listed as “Bestseller”)

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Abused by BILD

And now abused by BILD, who took material from my book and printed it out of context.

An Author's Quest to Explain Muslim Anti-Semitism

Israeli author David Ranan spent a year speaking to Muslims in Germany about anti-Semitism, with the goal of understanding prejudices and their root causes. He has transformed his findings into a book that draws surprising conclusions about the extent of the problem.

Here’s the “Der Spiegel” article in the English language version at

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Der Spiegel

This week’s German weekly news magazine, “Der Spiegel”, carries a three-page report about my new book on Muslims and Antisemitism. Well-written and worth reading!

The book (in German) is now also available. 

Cambridge Analytica

Were the directors, managers and staff of Cambridge Analytica – the company that turned out to be so instrumental in the election success of Trump – all Trump supporters? Or was their willingness to use their tradecraft pure greed? Do they not care who they serve, as they prostitute their brains, as long as they get richer?  How far are such people willing to go?

Professionals of all sorts who knowingly serve evil or dangerous ends, should be made to suffer social pariah status. Whether undermining democracy turns out to be legal is not the issue. The question is whether it is moral. We do not want such people in our midst. Kick them out. If you have friends working for such companies – unfriend them.

It is easy to concentrate one’s hate on figures such as Trump, Netanyahu or even Hitler. More must be done to disable the enablers. Those characterless enablers, who get richer and richer by serving evil.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

This is Not True

Despite the fact that anti-EU, populist parties in Italy have been supporting an appeasement policy vis-à-vis Russia

In my imagination, the following took place in a meeting, some time ago, at the political cyber hacking centre of the FSPM, a unit of the Russian Secret Service. The subject was the 2018 Italian elections. As they did in the USA, Britain, France and Germany, a plan had been prepared and a budget was brought for approval. And yet, much to the disappointment of the colonel in charge of the web brigades (troll army) for Southern Europe, the FSPM General in charge of cyberwarfare in countries that are not yet ready for military takeover, laughed it off explaining that Italian politics are so chaotic, that no external interference is needed to ensure continued weakness.

As not to offend the Italians, the Russians have denied the veracity of the above story.   

The Darkest Hour – in German

Friends of mine took me to the pictures last night. They wanted to see the Churchill film, which was being screened in the German version.

I would, of course, have preferred to see this film in its original English. And yet, hearing the gifted orator successfully turn parliament from doubt and resistance to produce frenzied support of his “war to the end” policy, in the German language, with German idioms and figures of speech, and not in English, was illuminating.

Doubtlessly, evil Hitler with his evil plans and evil methods, cannot be compared with Churchill, acting to save Britain. Moreover, Churchill was part of a democracy, and had to democratically overcome opposition to his policies. This was a burden which Hitler – who had those disagreeing with him killed – did not have to bother with.

But whereas the causes cannot be compared, one can compare the manipulation techniques. It is useful to be aware of the ease with which gifted speakers can emotionally manipulate, to achieve their own ends.  Nationalist fervour in humans knows no national boundaries.   

Jared Kushner

I have been asked, why I have stopped writing to Jared Kushner. I therefore must inform you that I have cut all my connections with JK. He is way too deep in it and I will have nothing anymore to do with him.

You are all my witnesses that I repeatedly warned him. He cannot say that I didn’t. What a fool.

Making a run for it, as an immigrant to Israel is, of course, still open to him.