Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Make War, Not Love – Catholic Church Style

Fondling choirboys was not Father Chesney’s poison, he evidently needed stronger stuff.

It has been reported that this Roman Catholic priest was no less than “ the IRA's director of operations in South Derry and was alleged to have been directly involved in the bombings and other terrorist incidents”. It happened in 1972 and Chesney is conveniently dead.

Note the collusion of Church and State in this outrage. Father Chesney was quickly moved to a new parish, conveniently near his old hometown, but across the border, in the Republic of Ireland, safely outside the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland.

The British Government may have been right in defusing this matter at a time of great tension between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. However, the Church that did not punish Chsesney and allowed him to continue as a parish priest elsewhere has proven yet again that it should not be trusted.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Who is Obama Praying to? or Why is Obama Praying?

In a bid to quell rumours about Obama’s being a Muslim (18% of All Americans believe that) the White House has issued a press release according to which Obama “prays daily, sometimes in person or over the telephone with a small circle of Christian pastors.” Moreover, we have been reminded by the White House of Obama’s Easter prayer breakfast where he “offered a very personal and candid reflection of what the Resurrection means to him. ”

This is not all: 27% of all Americans have not convinced by the repeated presentation of Obama’s birth certificate and continue to believe that he was not born in the USA. According to the American Constitution someone who was not born in the USA is not eligible to become President. Those 27% clearly believe that Mr Obama has cheated his way into the Presidency. Or, … they could just be plain racists.

Praying to Jesus (or to anyone else), Mr Obama, cannot save these people or anyone else. I sincerely hope that you – our great hope – have more effective means than prayers to govern your country.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Die (katholische) Kirche, die Juden und der Tod

I will talk about the Catholic Church and the Jews at a day of Jewish learning Limmud in Frankfurt, on Sunday, 29 August, at 10:30.

The lecture will be held in German and you can register through Limmud's website if you are interested.

It’s not Nazi Germany but it is McCarthyism

In 1933, Hitler appointed Bernhard Rust as Education Minister. Soon, teachers who were critical of the regime were dismissed, all university professors were required to become members of the Nazi teachers organisation and university lecturers with left wing views were fired.

Israel’s current Minister of Education, Gideon Sa’ar is not a Bernhard Rust but he recently gave his blessing to Im Tirtzu, an Israeli right-wing watchdog that is now threatening Israeli universities with boycott unless they change their “anti-Zionist” curricula.

Already, Ben-Gurion University finds itself defending its status by stating that it “also teaches air force cadets, who would not come if anyone thought we were preaching anti-Zionism here.”

Perhaps someone at the University’s physics department should write a paper about downward spirals.

Paradise or the Girl from Hell

When Mr and Mrs Abergil named their daughter Eden they probably did not consider the meaning of the name. Eden in Hebrew means something refined, delicate. The Garden of Eden is paradise.

This is Eden Abergil's version of paradise. A Paradise that does not ' see anything wrong with Facebook images of Palestinian detainees.'

Unworthy of her name – Let her go to hell.