Monday, 22 October 2018

Bollocks to Brexit

I didn’t specially fly in for the demonstration, but I happened to be in London and joined the almost 700,000 calling for a second referendum.

It was an impressive show, which made “remainers” feel good about themselves. But will it make a difference? No. The Tory government does not want a second referendum and Corbyn, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, is not opposing: He’s is a brexiter himself.

So, we have no opposition fighting the government for something that half of the British population has voted for. Half of the country’s population, who do not want Brexit. has been hung out to dry.  

Without political representation, the only solution is a show of force. If Britain was France, we would have strike actions bringing London to a halt – the only thing that politicians understand. But Britain is not France and we are unlikely to see violent action.

In this placard they only thing French they are worried about is Brie…

I particularly liked the arrogant look of disdain of these two men, whose Saturday shopping was disturbed by the demonstration: 

They may not have seen the warning on this placard:

The Prince is not a Fairy

So, it turns out that the young prince, everyone’s hope, who has even allowed Saudi women to drive, gets rid of people he doesn’t like. And there we were led to believe that he was going to be the great reformer. Finally – we thought – Saudi Arabia was going to be like “one of us”.

So, why the big surprise?  He is, indeed, like “one of us”. Others do it too. Perhaps not so brazenly and normally without causing so much media attention. Killer-drones are constantly out and about getting rid of whoever the US, Israel, Saudi-Arabia and various other countries consider worthy of such attention. Does anyone think that Guantanamo, or any of the other outsourced CIA bases were any gentler? Have I mentioned Russia yet?

Consider the poor prince: We sell them all those sophisticated weapon systems, which are just right if you want, for instance, to obliterate a whole continent. But what to do if all you want to kill is one man in Istanbul? You need to get your hands dirty.

It is a bit inconvenient as there is so much money involved but they will get over it and everyone (that is almost everyone) will continue with their business deals happily and profitably.

Israel – Slippery Slope – now Very Steep.

A former head of Israel’s internal security service, shabak, Ami Ayalon has come out in a rare statement criticising the willingness of the shabak to question people, whose views they do not approve of.  He warned: "This is no longer a slippery slope ... This is what is called a very steep slope. The Israeli security agency is becoming a problem of democracy."

There has been an increasing number of reports that shabak as well as Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs have intensified the questioning of left-wing and human-rights activists at the country’s borders. Ayalon explained that it should not be the secret service’s role to arrest or question people who have not acted clandestinely, but openly participated in a demonstration or in a tour organised by Breaking the Silence.

Israel – Even Steeper

The Israeli government is promoting a new law, that will tie public funding of the arts to loyalty to the state. 

How will they call art, which does not suit the Minister's wishes?