Thursday, 23 August 2012

Prince Harry's (Not so) Secret Balls

Princes have always behaved like that, only that nowadays, modern media enable us all to participate voyeuristically. If one of the functions of the royal family is to act as role models, then Prince Harry may not be so far off the mark: Do we really think that it is wrong for an unmarried young man to party as Harry does? Do we just have a problem because he is the third in line to the British throne? Or are we just jealous? Don’t we all (well, perhaps, not all) crave to frolic around and enjoy ourselves in wild parties?

It has been reported that lawyers acting for the Prince of Wales have warned the British press not to publish the photos of his naked son, photos that are circulating all over the internet showing Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas. 

Prince Charles, an adulterer who was incapable of disciplining himself, who like his father is on record with his own stupid behaviour, has failed in disciplining his son. He now tries to bully the press: pathetic. 

Israel calls South Africa “An Apartheid State”

South Africa has shown good moral judgment in issuing a directive that calls for the labelling of goods or products emanating from the Occupied Territories to prevent consumers being led to believe that such goods come from Israel.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, reaction was "South Africa remains an apartheid state." More than that, referring to the recent killing of 34 striking miner by SA police, he added "Instead of deciding to label Israeli products, South Africa should have acted courageously towards the 34 innocent miners that were just asking for an improvement in working conditions."

He who lives in a glass house… Considering the growing number of xenophobic and racist crimes in Israel, Ayalon, should just shut up. Yet, as his behaviour seems to find favour with his superiors as well as his constituency  - perhaps he is not that stupid, just an offensive moron.

It should be notes that South Africa is not alone: many Israelis also boycott products manufactured by Settlers in the Occupied Territories. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

In Search of a Title


The end is near.

All we need is the right title.

Put on your creative hats and come up with a title for the English edition of Ist es noch gut, für unser Land zu sterben?

There is a competition and the prize for the winner is $100.

For more information on how to participate go HERE