Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Art of the Deal – McMaster

So, why did Trump chose as his national security adviser, a three-star general, whose doctoral thesis that was published under the title “Dereliction of Duty” takes military leaders to task for supporting the Johnson administration’s Vietnam war strategy? General McMaster, according to the NY Times, “lays out the consequences of abetting misguided presidents with ill-conceived policies.”

My guess is that McMaster is a result of a deal made between Trump and senior Republicans, who must be worried shitless about what their party has placed in the White House. Trump knows that he needs the support of these old boys and I can well imagine that the man who speaks of himself as “the” dealmaker, has made a deal: He will have to take a national security adviser who has made his view clear about the need to prevent “misguided presidents with ill-conceived policies” and in return he will get support in Congress.

Worried about the children

I recently asked German friends of mine, what their children, all three in their mid-twenties, are saying about the coming elections (due in September). They are a fairly well-off family, or at least very comfortable and the parents are supporters of Mrs. Merkel’s party, the CDU. Their children – much to the parents’ dismay – will definitely not be supporting Mrs. Merkel: They have no sympathy whatsoever for the refugees, who should solve their problems in their own countries.

This is bad news. Not only Germany, but the whole of Europe and indeed the entire liberal world needs Merkel, who seems to be the sole sane moral voice in power these days.  

Talk to your children: they already know about birth control and about the dangers of porn in the internet – Now talk to them about the dangers lurking in nationalism, fascism and in demagoguery that seems to be taking us all over.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Trump’s chosen ambassador for the Chosen Land

How appropriate: Trump wants to send his bankruptcy lawyer as ambassador the a morally bankrupt country.  

Trump has a bankruptcy lawyer – that too is appropriate.

Letter to Jared Kushner

Dear Jared,

I wonder whether you sleep well, or sleep at all? Your personal intimate acquaintance with Donald Trump will undoubtedly have made it clear to you that he is – not only totally unqualified for the job of President of the USA, but also – truly dangerous for the US and for the rest of the world.

Ideally, you would have made your view that he is not fit for office clear within the family and were he not to give up on his “crazy” plan, have gone public with a warning. I am assuming that you share the view of most thinking and most educated people in the country, that Trump is dangerous. Unlike some sworn Republicans, who may have been worried about Trump, but who were driven by their hatred of Democrats and their hatred of Hillary Clinton, you were –  according to the papers – a supporter of the Democrats, until you became entangled with the Trumps.

In return for being part of the White House set, you are supporting someone who is considered by the majority of your peers in the Jewish world as a grotesque monster.

You are, of course, in a terrible dilemma. The man is your father-in-law and the grandfather of your children. If you come out openly against Trump, your wife might decide to leave you (unless, there is more to her than meets the eye) and the Trumps will probably fight for sole custody. But sometimes, such terrible decisions are necessary: save your marriage or save America? What is it to be?

Do you have the balls to do the right thing?

No need to write back. The real news will tell.


Trump - Nixon, Reagan, Bush – altogether

Occasionally, Americans seem to have a knack for chosing unfitting and unfortunate specimen as president. Sometimes as with Ronald Reagan, he was more of a joke, in Nixon’s case he was morally corrupt and Bush son was simply stupid. But, all three came to the job with experience in public service. 

In Trump, the US voters upped the ante, and voted someone who combines the absurdity of Reagan, the moral corruption of Nixon and the stupidity of Bush. To this cocktail he adds political inexperience combined with monstrous narcissism.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Is Theresa May on Brexit drugs?

Sometimes, interviews with people sleeping rough, reveal that before they became homeless and found themselves living in the streets, they led normal lives with a home and a job, even a family. It often turns out that one wrong decision, one wrong turn they took, got them onto a downward spiral, which they are now unable to escape.

Looking at Britain, in its post-EU-referendum state of excitement, reminds me of these homeless. The current prime minister of Britain, in her “Brexit means Brexit” and in her attempt to claim the status of a “truly global Britain” for the country which she and her jubilant colleagues are pushing off the cliff, sounds like a drug addict who has just injected. This will not end well.

Bed and Breakfast at Buck House

Last week, that pathetic woman ran to Washington to hail Trump and, in her panic, offered him bed and breakfast at Buckingham Palace: One P (this time P stands for palace) he has not yet grabbed. In return, Trump supports Britain’s efforts to break up the EU.

The Queen has – I believe – no say on who gets invited to Buck House. She could – of course – have to wash her hair on the night of Trump’s stay.



Here, Trump is pictured signing one of the twenty something executive orders that he has bombarded America and the rest of the world with, in his first ten days as President. I do not know who the five women seen with him are. But, I wonder, whether he has already grabbed their p****?

Or, are they still waiting for it? They must, after all, know Trump’s view: when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the p****. You can do anything."  It could be that they know, that they are safe, even at the price of the offence involved, as he has only spoken about beautiful women: “I'm automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait.”  What a dilemma.

It is morally reprehensible to work for that man and those who do, should be made to squirm. Every journalist should ask every woman working for Trump “has he already grabbed your p****?”

They can start with Trump’s adviser, Ms. Kellyanne Conway, seen here: