Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Avatar vs. Double Cross

The Vatican newspaper and radio station have called the film Avatar simplistic, and criticized it for flirting with modern doctrines that promote the worship of nature as a substitute for religion. L'Osservatore Romano said the movie's plot is unoriginal and its message not new. It faulted Cameron for taking a "bland approach." A few years ago Vatican officials spoke out against The Da Vinci Code.

I am still waiting for my mention in dispatches. Pope Benedict has up to now refrained from attacking Double Cross: The Code of the Catholic Church. Has he secretly been convinced or is my book still in the pile of books waiting to be read by the Holy Father?

The Pope and Mrs. Robinson

The Pope has just come out with a statement linking the Catholic Church’s opposition to gay marriage to global warming. Both, according to Benedict, are a threat to creation. The Pope has clearly not yet finished reading his copy of Double Cross: The Code of the Catholic Church.

About a year ago, Protestant Iris Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister and a Member of the UK Parliament, branded homosexuality “an abomination” and urged homosexuals to seek psychiatric help. Robinson, it appears, had it directly from God: “Homosexuality is not natural. My Christian beliefs tell me that it is an abomination and that is very clear. It is an offence to God, an offensive act and something God abhors… I have a lovely psychiatrist who works with me in my office trying to turn homosexuals away from what they are engaged in. I’m happy to put any homosexuals in touch with this gentleman.”

Loathing of homosexuals seems to unite Protestants and Catholics. There must be hope for Ireland, after all.

It now turns out that devout Mrs. Robinson did not read the rest of her Bible. Did she miss class when they taught about adultery? Perhaps she was getting laid at the time. Not only did a 59-year-old Robinson have an affair with a 19-year-old boy, she appears to have paid him for it. The MP and wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister arranged for two property developers to fund a business for her lover to the tune of £50,000. Greedy on top of it all, Robinson demanded a 10% cut. Lover boy had to give her £5000 in cash-back in return for the money she had organised for him.

As a good Christian she must believe in hell. I wish her all the fires she believes in. She is already getting a taster and is hiding behind a “nervous breakdown”.