Friday, 30 December 2016

Pathetic British Prime Minister offering services to Trump

Theresa May is hoping to build up the same kind of a warm relationship with Trump, as Margaret Thatcher had with President Reagan. Reagan and Thatcher saw eye-to-eye on economic neo-liberalism and shared an aggressive anti Soviet-Union drive.

It took some time, but now, the Soviet Union’s successor, which calls itself Russia, is successfully pushing back the West. It should be clear that this has been allowed to happen under Obama’s watch.

Putin is systematically weakening the Western blocks: he was instrumental in bringing Trump to power, thereby ensuring that the USA will be run by an inexperienced and irresponsible cabal. He is trying to help in breaking up Europe and is, for example, funding Le Pen’s fascist party in France. In all likelihood, Putin’s apparatus will intervene in Germany’s coming elections, to get rid of Mrs. Merkel – the only world class politician standing up to him.

This is war.

Trump is – as he likes to remind us – a dealmaker. To do deals, it is best, to have many small and weakened counterparts, rather than a strong opponent. This is where Trump and Putin share the same goal. They both want to break up the EU.

Back to Britain: Pathetic Brexiter, Mrs. May is seeking friends, and to that end she has just sent Trump a present: she came out with strong criticism of Secretary of State Kerry’s speech about Israeli settlements. Pathetic like an old toothless w****, that offers services, which younger and stronger ones will not stoop to, she hopes to attract Trump’s favour.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Better late than never.

2016 was a nasty year, but just before it’s end, The UN’s Security Council brings a smile and some satisfaction. By a 14-0 vote and the abstention of the USA, they passed resolution 2334, condemning Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

For years, The US has been the and still is the great enabler of the Israeli occupation. With its funding of Israel to the tune of $3.8 billion per annum, the Obama administration has failed to make use of the leverage, which the US could have to bring about a peace settlement in the Middle East.  At the end of his presidency, Obama – who has finally agreed not to veto a Security Council decision censuring Israel – is showing his frustration, disappointment and disgust of the way Israel has been behaving.

It is a great shame that this has come so late and, indeed, it may have come too late – with all the damage caused by the Israeli occupation – but, better late than never.  

To the current members of the Security Council: Well done and thank you: China, Russia, UK, France, and Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Uruguay, as well as Senegal, Venezuela, Angola, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Egypt.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

German's "attractive" Alternative

The leader of German’s far right party AfD, Frauke Petri, has reacted to the Berlin attack, by saying that Germany was no longer safe.

The question is what make Germany unsafe? Is it the asylum seekers or is it perhaps Germany’s right wing extremists who attack migrants and asylum homes who make Germany unsafe? Or the woman [the same Petri] who spreads hatred by demanding that border police should shoot those crossing the border illegally? Or the woman [Petri again] who suggested that a multicultural society with immigrants and refugees is akin to a compost heap. Or the man [this time it is her partner], Marcus Pretzell, another AfD star, who blaming Chancellor Merkel for the situation, said that the Berlin casualties were “her dead”?

If the Berlin dead are the “Merkel dead”, perhaps the hatemongers from the right should be referred to as the “Hitler living”?

Need a rabbi?

I never understood why the Haifa Technion, Israel’s technical university, needed a full time paid rabbi. Finally, I know:

The Technion’s rabbi has published a ban, forbidding Jewish students from entering the student’s union club house and eating there, as a Christmas tree had been put up in the building. This pagan symbol that allows a Christian religious presence in the midst of the Technion, is unacceptable, says the rabbi.

We do not need rabbis, priests or imams in our universities. Students who need spiritual guidance can go to their own  synagogue/ church/ mosque/ psychiatrist/ or voodoo practitioner.

Barbarians I

The latest joke from the Trump tweet stable, in response to yesterday’s terror attacks, which he described as “Islamic terrorists regularly slaughter Christians in their communities” is that “The civilized world must change thinking!”

Whereas I fully agree with Trump that we must change our thinking, I find the idea that Trump evidently thinks of himself and his lot as the civilised world rather curious. Barbarians, I would suggest, would be a more accurate description. And if anyone needs a reminder, all you need to do is look up one of the many Trump election campaign rallies.

Barbarians II

Since King Trump is into complaining about uncivilised Muslims – how about doing something against the antisemitic thuggery in his own backyard?

It has been reported that the police in Whitefish, Mont. have stepped up patrols and are working with the F.B.I. after a neo-Nazi and white supremacist website listed the names and contacts of local Jews, calling on readers to “take action” against them.

Trump likes tweeting about the big problems. Why not tweet about that? Unless, of course, he does not want to annoy those who have just voted for him.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

People you meet at parties

At a drinks party in Germany, I met 70-year-old TS, who, still excited by Trump’s ambition and fighting spirit, explained that Hillary Clinton was a liar and a corrupt establishment figure and that she fully supported Trump. Nothing in Trump’s behaviour, business record, campaign style and content or lack of any experience in government would change TS’s mind. Not even the fact that Trump was just as much establishment as Clinton.

TS added how important it was to stand up against the politics of “our communist”. The communist that she was referring to was Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, and Communist to TS seemed to be the ultimate term of abuse. My suggestion that Mrs. Merkel was the one thing that Germany could truly be proud of, did not get me anywhere. Not only did Merkel help Greece but she also allowed two million unregistered foreigners enter Germany, TS explained. If they were unregistered, how did she know how many of them had entered was not something TS cared to get into.

Years ago, an old German told me – in defence of his decision to vote for Hitler –  that what had really frightened him in those days, was not the Nazis but the communists. Just thinking.

May vs. Merkel

Theresa May, the woman now running the UK, gave the role of Britain’s Foreign Secretary to Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign, a man with a track record of lying and one of the most irresponsible, rude and loudmouthed men in British politics.

So here is what happens, when Boris Johnson refreshingly said something true: He spoke about the situation in the Middle East and spoke of the countries abusing their own religion to further their political objectives: “the Saudis, Iran, everybody, moving in and puppeteering and playing proxy wars.” Prime Minister Theresa May immediately rebutted him with: “the foreign secretary's views are not the government's position on, for example, Saudi Arabia and its role in the region." Of course not, we want to do business with them and who cares about the rest.

What a difference between no-values Theresa May and Germany’s values-led Angela Merkel.