Friday, 21 February 2014

North Korea

The UN has published a damning report about North Korea that compares atrocities committed by the Kim Jong Un regime to those perpetrated by the Nazis.

Is it really wrong to militarily interfere and free the North Koreans from this evil regime?  We normally fail in such attempts but is simply giving up morally acceptable? 

British Airways

They came around with beverages on the short flight to Frankfurt. I asked for tomato juice and took a small bag of crisps from the stewardess’s plate. I then asked whether they had cookies and was given a cellophane wrapper with two small chocolate cookies. The stewardess looked at the unopened mini bag of crisps on my tray – I did not know they made them that small – and wordlessly took it back. 

I don’t want to kiss the waiter/waitress

There is something nice about a restaurant you know well, perhaps a neighbourhood restaurant, not too expensive, where you are greeted with a smile that even seems genuine. A restaurant where the waiters know what your preferred drink is, where you get the feeling that you are a sort of a VIP. You get an extra portion of the dessert you like, a salad even if you haven’t ordered one.

BUT, why, why do the waiters think that part of the “spiel” is to greet you with a kiss or even to shake your hand, just after you have washed them and are about to eat?  

Emperor Rattle

Today’s post included a brochure of the Easter music festival in Baden Baden, an event that is purely Berliner Philharmoniker. It is evidently not selling well if they have to to a mailing of their expensive brochures less than two months before the events.

Eight concerts/opera performances are conducted by Berliner Philharmoniker’s chief conductor, Simon Rattle, who - the brochure informs us – is somewhat of an “uncrowned emperor in a profession that is full of kings”.  Conductors of the world move aside to receive Emperor Rattle! 

Magdalena Kozena, the empress, will be singing in six of the eight performances conducted by her husband. Any inside information on whether Rattle’s contract stipulates that his wife must be part of the deal?