Friday, 26 May 2017

5th Letter to J.K.

Dear Jared,

According to the papers, you are in trouble and I hope that you appreciate the fact, that I do not cut and behave as if I don’t know you.

The right lawyers will probably get you out of it. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to make you change your ways. You will feel even more invincible.

You should have listened to me. What was wrong with just being a quite rich boy? But you were greedy and at the end you will fall.

So much for today. You probably don’t have time to read long letters.


PS: Do you think that, that s.o.b., I mean Steven Bannon had his fingers in getting you investigated?


  1. הי דוד,
    ככל שז'ארד חשוב, לא הגיעה השעה שתביע את דעתך על הפיגוע באנגליה?
    שבת שלום,

  2. Jew, gentile - who cares? Why pick on Jared? This is the web supported age of gut feeling, where fact and reason are shat on by desire and belonging. Jared is merely an appendage of the coolly sexy Ivanka (or is it Ivania?). There is no shame if you are a follower on Twitter, Facebook or whatever. Shame is for old gits who remember a notion of reasonably objective reality, with a variable dose of morality thrown in for good measure. The rest vote for Trump, Brexit etc because it suits their delusion that others are to blame for their predicament. If you live in Wigan or Detroit, you may have a point, but salvation certainly does not lie in a Donald, or Jared - however desperate you are, unless you want to believe.

    The problem, I fear, is the people and the closed circuit media mirror through which they interact with the world. There will be other Trumps, Farages, and even Mays and Corbins - less narcissistic, but equally wedded to winning by conning the increasingly gullible masses. You ain't seen nothin' yet, I fear.