Wednesday, 24 May 2017

4th Letter to Jared Kushner

Dear Jared,

It’s a funny relationship that we have: me writing and you not responding, but I do appreciate that you have a lot on your plate… Moreover, I owe you an apology. Only a few days ago, I wrote that you have disappeared from the radar. We now all know, that it was the radar alright, only that you were busy selling military radars and other such goodies to Saudi Arabia, to the tune of $110 billion, this year alone. By the way, were the 100 million dollars, that the Saudis have pledged to Ivanka’s fund, agreed in the same arms deal, in which you are reported to have pressurised Lockheed to reduce their prices?

Now, in the old days, Jewish mothers wanted their sons to become doctors – you know, the kind of people who heal the sick and the wounded. The gear that you are dealing with, does sure thing not heal any wounds.  

I am sure that your mother is proud of you. Mothers always are. Mothers of successful sons even more so. Deep down, you know that she has no reason to be proud.

Best regards
From your pen pal David,

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  1. Deep down, do you blame Kushner for neglecting to repond to you?