Friday, 30 December 2016

Pathetic British Prime Minister offering services to Trump

Theresa May is hoping to build up the same kind of a warm relationship with Trump, as Margaret Thatcher had with President Reagan. Reagan and Thatcher saw eye-to-eye on economic neo-liberalism and shared an aggressive anti Soviet-Union drive.

It took some time, but now, the Soviet Union’s successor, which calls itself Russia, is successfully pushing back the West. It should be clear that this has been allowed to happen under Obama’s watch.

Putin is systematically weakening the Western blocks: he was instrumental in bringing Trump to power, thereby ensuring that the USA will be run by an inexperienced and irresponsible cabal. He is trying to help in breaking up Europe and is, for example, funding Le Pen’s fascist party in France. In all likelihood, Putin’s apparatus will intervene in Germany’s coming elections, to get rid of Mrs. Merkel – the only world class politician standing up to him.

This is war.

Trump is – as he likes to remind us – a dealmaker. To do deals, it is best, to have many small and weakened counterparts, rather than a strong opponent. This is where Trump and Putin share the same goal. They both want to break up the EU.

Back to Britain: Pathetic Brexiter, Mrs. May is seeking friends, and to that end she has just sent Trump a present: she came out with strong criticism of Secretary of State Kerry’s speech about Israeli settlements. Pathetic like an old toothless w****, that offers services, which younger and stronger ones will not stoop to, she hopes to attract Trump’s favour.


  1. Was schreibst Du denn da für Sachen in Deinem letzten Gruss im alten Jahr!

    Es gibt nur ein Europa mit Russland und keines ohne. Eine einzige Katastrophe ist es, dass man Russland so isoliert. Und das alles wegen der Ukraine, diesem faschistischen Pack und den russischen Interventionen in Syrien? Trump ist keine Idealbesetzung, dass er aber diesen peinlichen Anti-Russland-Kurs nicht mehr fahren will, das ist mir mehr als sympathisch.

    Die EU hat mit Russland gebrochen und nicht die Russen mit der EU. Es erzielt daraus nur grosser Schaden für alle - und ganz besonders auch für die deutsche Wirtschaft . Das ist Dein deutsches Blut, das in Dir brodelt. Veritable Russenhasser sind die Deutschen und das seit immer. Tant mieux und ein grosses Bravo, wenn es dank Putins Hilfe gelingen sollte, Merkel zu Fall zu bringen, diese widerliche Schnepfe.

    Einen guten Rutsch Dir trotzdem,

  2. Mat was pushed to talk this rubbish by one of her donors, on behalf of Bibi. old and pathetic trick.

  3. I do like the sarcastic swipe at Merkel as "wordclass politician". Indeed she has probably done more damage to her country than anybody since 1945.

  4. You can, anyone can, rail at politicians in a would-be political journal, which yours is probably meant to be, but not if you first don’t explain your point of view.
    At the moment your copy looks like 11- year-olds having a go in the prep school magazine with no one to tell them them how to write satire.

    Better go and learn the trade, David

  5. I enjoy reading your comments on various topics. Most of the time I agree totally!