Wednesday, 21 December 2016

German's "attractive" Alternative

The leader of German’s far right party AfD, Frauke Petri, has reacted to the Berlin attack, by saying that Germany was no longer safe.

The question is what make Germany unsafe? Is it the asylum seekers or is it perhaps Germany’s right wing extremists who attack migrants and asylum homes who make Germany unsafe? Or the woman [the same Petri] who spreads hatred by demanding that border police should shoot those crossing the border illegally? Or the woman [Petri again] who suggested that a multicultural society with immigrants and refugees is akin to a compost heap. Or the man [this time it is her partner], Marcus Pretzell, another AfD star, who blaming Chancellor Merkel for the situation, said that the Berlin casualties were “her dead”?

If the Berlin dead are the “Merkel dead”, perhaps the hatemongers from the right should be referred to as the “Hitler living”?


  1. As I don´t go to Xmas markets, no risk for me.... I think it is a real problem, that media and social media blow every terrorist act to a mega event. The global hyperventilation gives oxygen into the fire, because these terrorist are doing everything to get attention. A bit like Trump. I don´t want to give him any more of my personal attention, I don´t buy newpapers with him on the cover.... I told my daughter today, she shouldn´t follow every hysteric news about the Berlin attack. In a few days well get clearer informations. Keep cool.

    Add Petri to Trump.

  2. They are not Merkel`s dead, of course.
    But there is no denying that many of the attacks carried out by immigrants during the last 15 months are connected to Merkel`s open door policies. The indiscriminate influx of migrants from all over the
    world has cost the lives of German and other citizens. It has torn at the fabric of German society. The right wing AFD, led by Petry, has good reason to thank Merkel for its existence because it came about as reaction to these policies. And nobody knows how many Englishmen (and
    -women) voted for Brexit because they saw what was happening in the middle of Europe, in Germany.

    Merkel`s "Wir schaffen das" (we`ll make it) does not hold for those who are dead now.

    One can only envy America for the wisdom of its founding fathers who
    stipulated that no president must reign for more than 8 years.