Thursday, 19 May 2016

Putsch – the civilised option?

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has a track record of acting carefully when it comes to military action. Yet, he now seems to have totally lost it:

It has been made public that Netanyahu has offered the defence portfolio to one of his arch rivals, a man he despises and who despises him: Avigdor Liebermann. Lieberman is a dangerous ultra right-winger who in the past has suggested bombing the Aswan dam, he calls for death penalty to those he defines as terrorists and refers to Israelis who hold a mirror to Israel’s outrages as traitors. 

Barak, a former prime minister of Israel, has arrogantly once said that Israel was like a villa in the jungle. It was arrogant at the time and it is now becoming evidently absurd. Israel is part of the jungle, it has now reached the level of Turkey and Egypt, where a military coup may be the more civilised option for the country.

A day of mourning for the Jewish people.


  1. Hi David
    Well said! It is funny, I thought about it yesterday as well, and realized it is the first time I find it not only dangerous but also reasonable. Absurdity is terrifying.

  2. thank you so much for your blogs - and yes you are absolutely right - but in this confusing world at the moment the world press doesn't know where to look first.... We are all sitting there like a 'Kaninchen vor der Schlange'.