Monday, 5 June 2017

Terrorism Hysteria

The risk of terrorism in Europe is low. Hysteria is high:

The average number of people killed in terrorist attacks in the UK in the period 2000-2015 was – 6. There are peak years, such as we have this year, and before that in 2005, and the one before in 1998, but most years are quiet.

The average number of people killed by bees and wasps per annum – 5. 

The average annual number of people murdered in the UK – 520. 

The average annual number of people who die in road accidents in the UK – 1800.

If you want extra measures, how about dealing with these unnecessary deaths, instead of building up xenophobia.


  1. Du hast wieder schöne Kommentare geschickt. Diese May ist schon ganz unglaublich und Dein Vergleich mit den Bienenstichen hat mich doch sehr beruhigt.

    Besonders schön ist auch Trump's Eintrag ins Gästebuch des Holocaust memorial. Mein Gott, das ist ja alles fast nicht mehr auszuhalten und wirklich alles so amazing!!!

  2. Erfreue uns weiterhin mit Deinen treffenden Blogs.

  3. Freue mich immer über Deine Blogs.

  4. Sure, honey bees or terrorists, what's the difference ...

  5. Terrorism is not a matter of statistics.
    The essence of terrorism is malevolence, violence, and murderous hostilty. As such it deserves a bit more attention than the annual number of flea bites.
    And if almost all terrorists adhere to the same creed, then that also deserves to be taken note of, rather more so than their respective shoe sizes.