Saturday, 24 June 2017

Kohl Funeral

Kohl died an embittered man, who since the scandal surrounding his involvement with the illegal funding of his CDU party, felt that he had been betrayed by virtually everybody. His death has brought to the surface – what was no secret – that Kohl’s 34-years-younger widow, who he married right after he was hospitalised with head (brain?) damage due to a fall, totally isolated him from the outside world, including from his sons (and grandchildren) from his first marriage.

If Kohl was suffering from dementia (the press is rather kind to him regarding this), his wife’s handling of his affairs may be even more problematic. She has, for instance, decreed that there should be no German state funeral and has arranged an EU ceremony – in which she tried to prevent Mrs. Merkel from speaking –  instead.

When a head of state dies (or a former head of state), his state funeral is not a matter for the family to have a say in – it is a state ritual and not a family affair. Widows can have whatever arrangements in their churches. State funerals are a matter for the state.

PS: There may be a juicy legal side issue if Kohl’s affair with the woman he eventually married, had begun during the time that she was a subordinate of his.


  1. Danke David,

    Kohls Frau spinnt!

  2. it is always delightful reading Your comments.
    Kohls death and his widdow : Hopefully „they" will make a würdige Angelegenheit.
    You are so right in respect of what ever she helds in costudy could be….

  3. Kohl's funeral:
    The legal means to order a state funeral are in place. The widow has no possibilty to prevent that. All it takes is for the German president to say so.
    But for reasons of his own Steinmeier doesn't.
    In fact Steinmeier never says anything, except about Israel (and Trump, of course).
    One misses his predecessor.

  4. Hoffentlich bekommt Kohls Witwe nicht die volle
    Pension.Ähnlich war es schon bei Willi Brandt auch da verhinderte Frau Nr.2, dass die Söhne an der Beerdigung teilnehmen können.Was mag in diesen Frauen vorgehen.Auch dass Frau Kohl Richter schon vor dem Selbstmord von Hannelore Kohl ein Verhältnis mit ihm hatte gibt in jeder Hinsicht zu denken.