Saturday, 24 June 2017

German Gender Craze

German political correctness can be useful if one gets paid by the word. In the past, the German for teachers and pupils, used to be “Lehrer und Schüler.” Now it is: “Lehrerinnen und Lehrer und Schülerinnen und Schüler.” Alternatively, one could also write the non-words “Lehrer*innen und Schüler*innen.”

A few days ago, at a lecture in Berlin, a young male lecturer, describing his own efforts to find certain source material, used the suffix that turns a word from masculine to feminine and said “wenn, man als Forscherin…”. This is ridiculous. Later he spoke of a group of five researchers and said “alle 5 Forscherinnen.“ Does that mean that all five researchers were females, or was he just being pc?


  1. Political correctness:
    I read that matters concerning political correctness are even more astounding in the US.

  2. you don't know how we girls/women had to fight for everything... there were no female professors, teachers, doctors etc. So, please show the young generation of girls that there are now female professors etc
    In 1971 I was not allowed to open a bank account - because I was not married - and there were no Bankerinnen!!!!