Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Trump and his New Muslim Friends

Having crucified Muslims before and throughout his campaign – and even after taking office, (remember “Donald J trump calls for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”), Trump must have concluded that those Muslims who are willing to spend 110 billion dollars on US arms in one year, cannot be that bad. Forget Saudi Arabia’s being the country which gave us the 9-11 bombers, which produced Osama Bin Laden and which exports extremist Islam, wherever it can. As to the Saudi population, I suppose that human rights are not so much Trump’s thing anyway, so why bother about Saudi’s track record there.

So Sunni Muslims are apparently fine. But Trump needs to hate at least some Muslims and so he nominates Iran as the Muslims to hate. This – Trump expects – will pay dividends on the home front: and persuade the Republicans in Congress that he is an asset and that he should not be removed from office. After all, bringing in 350 billion dollars from arms sales to the Saudis, over the next ten years, will make many Republicans happy. Additionally, by going on the “Iran the Evil” trip, he not only buys support of all those Republicans who objected to Obama’s Iran deal, but he also gets the backing of the lobbies supporting the “settlement and continued occupation” government of Israel.

Smart move. Nonetheless, let’s hope he fails.


  1. I don't think there is a connection between the US-Saudi arms deals and Israel's policy concerning the West Bank and Jerusalem.

  2. a muddle of sunday thoughts

    what if :

    Donald actually has a long-range plan (sort of)?

    Donald really doesn´t care about Europe (or Olde England for that matter)

    Donald really does think about America First

    Donald thinks that if he can become really good friends with Putin (Uncle Vlad?) that a US-Russia Axis can pretty much control the world (except for China). If He can dominate the western hemisphere, Europe and the East may make Vlad happy and quiet (perhaps he views China as a third partner responsible for Asia)

    Donald thinks all is fine in the the Middle and Far East as long as the Sunnis and Shiites keep killing each other and buying US arms to do so

    Donald is convinced a strong partner in the Arab areas is important and that Saudi Arabia is a safer bet than Iran, especially regarding Israel´s security

    Jared thinks of the many Israelis of USSR origin and thinks being on good terms with Vlad is a good idea

    Nethanyahoo likes to see Muslims killing each other and loves anyone who permits him to continue with his current policies

    Maybe some of Donald´s behaviour makes a little bit of sense.