Monday, 20 February 2017

Letter to Jared Kushner

Dear Jared,

I wonder whether you sleep well, or sleep at all? Your personal intimate acquaintance with Donald Trump will undoubtedly have made it clear to you that he is – not only totally unqualified for the job of President of the USA, but also – truly dangerous for the US and for the rest of the world.

Ideally, you would have made your view that he is not fit for office clear within the family and were he not to give up on his “crazy” plan, have gone public with a warning. I am assuming that you share the view of most thinking and most educated people in the country, that Trump is dangerous. Unlike some sworn Republicans, who may have been worried about Trump, but who were driven by their hatred of Democrats and their hatred of Hillary Clinton, you were –  according to the papers – a supporter of the Democrats, until you became entangled with the Trumps.

In return for being part of the White House set, you are supporting someone who is considered by the majority of your peers in the Jewish world as a grotesque monster.

You are, of course, in a terrible dilemma. The man is your father-in-law and the grandfather of your children. If you come out openly against Trump, your wife might decide to leave you (unless, there is more to her than meets the eye) and the Trumps will probably fight for sole custody. But sometimes, such terrible decisions are necessary: save your marriage or save America? What is it to be?

Do you have the balls to do the right thing?

No need to write back. The real news will tell.



  1. mon dieu - you are so right!! What is happening in the world and why...??? Lets wait for the elections in France Holland and Germany.

  2. Dear David,
    Always enjoy your commentary on the world situations. Was actually expecting a good rant from you about the conference recently between Trump and Bibi. Nothing new there except for the fact that Trump is now dealing as POTUS.
    Can we perhaps expect a new book reflecting the multicultural views you so well pen of the current worldwide political spectrum? Hope so.