Monday, 16 May 2016


Erdogan’s latest: Western countries care more about gay rights and animal welfare than about the fate of Syrian women and children. He added, or perhaps explained this evidently sick attitude prevalent in the West that these countries possess a mindset “remnant of slavery and colonialism.”

It seems to have become dangerous to criticise Turkey’s President Erdogan. Since he was elected as President in 2014, more than 1800 cases were opened in Turkey against people for insulting the President. Not only are journalists, Erdogan does not approve of, being jailed in his own country, he now has German lawyers who sue on his behalf in Germany. 

It leaves me no alternative but to sing Erdogan’s praise: Thank you God for having placed amongst us this self-restrained, reasonable and modest man - a man who is more than a man - a truly wise man, a courageous visionary, an iron-willed yet magnanimous leader who has rightfully earned the extraordinary respect he is being shown worldwide.  

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  1. Just in case you are being satirical - and I`m not saying you are, God forbid - you had better watch out: For He (whose name we dare not write) might sue you for "Majestätsbeleidigung", with a little help
    from his friend, Angela Merkel.