Friday, 6 March 2015

Israelis – Not so smart after all

Virtually all former heads of the Israeli secret services as well as hundreds of retired Israeli generals have for years made it clear that getting out of the Occupied Territories and reaching an agreement with the Palestinians is of vital strategic and existential importance to Israel.

But will the Israelis listen to them? No. Instead, they listen to and buy into the propaganda of the Israeli right wing politicians ranging from the messianic to the basic greedy land grabbers.

Israelis disregard their own security experts and instead listen to ideology driven doomsday scenarios, the latest of which is that a Palestinian State would be a launch pad for ISIS – the bogeyman en vogue. And they vote accordingly. There is hardly any political party running in the coming elections (17 March) that is truly interested in getting out of the West Bank and willing to say so.

The right-out stupidity of Israel’s population is the proof to anyone who has ever believed racial notions of Jewish superior wisdom, that there is no such thing.

How can so many people be fooled like that? 


  1. Shame on you. Surely you know that to be anti-Israel is to be anti-Semitic.

  2. From an Israeli point of view the desirability of an agreement with the Palestinians remains undisputed.
    Unfortunately it always takes two to reach an agreement.

    Now tell us the thruth: You didn't really think of that, did you?

  3. Isralies can only rely on past experience when considering future agreement. No agreement actually prevent terror attacks thus agreements are bad for israel.