Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ahmadinejad - Go Green

Recently, several cadets, at the Israeli army’s officers-school walked out of a military ceremony because of the participation of female soldiers in the choir that sang in the ceremony. This – they and their rabbis said – was contrary to Jewish halachic teaching. An ultraorthodox soldier has warned: “We'll find a way to get out of the IDF because it has betrayed us." As it is, thousands of ultra-orthodox get out of serving in the army through an exemption clause that allows them not to serve provided they are full time yeshiva students. This option is not given to any other group in Israel.

Orthodox Students, who do enlist, organised a petition addressed to the IDF’s Chief of Staff in which they warned, "Anti-religious commands create an impossible reality for a religious soldier after which, the future remains unknown."

Now, Mr Gaffni, a senior orthodox Member of Parliament has advised ultra orthodox Israelis not to enlist because “the army will turn you into a different person.” If the army wants to enlist the ultra-orthodox, he said, “it must adjust itself to accommodate their beliefs.”

I had always thought that agitating against enlisting was illegal. I was evidently wrong. Gaffni is right, “the army will turn you into a different person,” it may even get you killed. According to my beliefs, getting killed is even worse than listening to a woman singing. Therefore, I would advise all young Israelis not to enlist.

And a piece of advice to Mr Ahmadinejad: save yourself a lot of money and as an added bonus, get the support of the Greens. To fight the "Zionist enemy", get rid of of your nuclear weapons, just hire some females to sing at Israel's borders. Remember the walls of Jericho?


  1. Some iranian ladies have wonderful voices , your recommendation is well worth a try.

  2. Quite made my otherwise dreary January morning.

  3. I seem to have a recollection that Ahmadinejad - may he rest in peace - entertained a particularly warm relationship towards some Jewish zealots (Rabbis?) during the anti-Holocaust-convention he staged a while ago. At least one could see photos to that effect.

    I thought at the time that they were anti-Israeli photomontages of the type one gets from totalitarian regimes every now and then. But perhaps they were genuine after all: Of brethren not in creed, but in mind.

  4. Alex, there is hopefully a special fire in hell for Neturay Karta who you refer to.

  5. המציאות ההזויה בה אנו חיים מספקת לך חומרים שבהם המציאות עולה על כל דמיון אפשרי, ועוד היד נטויה כנראה. ת

  6. In order to maintain the quality of choir singing and to boost the morale of Israeli soldiers you will have to breed countertenors.