Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Is Civil War the Only Solution for Israel?

Israel is deteriorating and it is deteriorating fast. In the past, intransigent Israeli prime ministers such as Golda Meir or Yitzhak Shamir used prevarication as a strategy to put off a compromise with the Arabs. Now this could be the cleverest option for the Palestinians: hold out for a bit longer and the Zionist experiment will implode.

The extreme right has been permitted to thrive under consecutive Israeli administrations ever since 1967 (and that includes much to Israel’s shame, Labour party administrations). Yesterday, yet another peak was reached when right wing settler activists attacked an Israeli army-base in the occupied West Bank. They threw rocks, burned tires and vandalised military vehicles. A senior IDF officer was hit in the head by a rock thrown at him by one of the Jewish terrorists.

Jewish settlers have been terrorising Palestinians for many years. Occasionally, when they feel that they do not get enough support from the army for their outrageous behaviour, they attack the army.

Is it possible that civil war is the only solution that will save Israel? We are unlikely to find out, as the left of centre in Israel will not really go all the way.


  1. Israel will not last long enough to have the left-right Civil war. It will be demolished much quicker by religious wars.

  2. Oh dear: Stonethrowers are referred to as "terrorists" now - provided they are Israelis.

  3. yes, Alex, they are: they are attempting to terrorise and as such they are terrorists.

    The inequality is not where you suggest it is but rather in the Israeli authorities' approach: arab kids throwing stones get shot at or at least hauled in for detention by the Internal Security Service whereas Jewish terrorists are allowed to roam the country freely.

  4. Alex, don't you think someone not aknowledging their own state and taking "their rights in their own hands" by simply occupying and wresting land from Palestinians by force, without remorse, regret or scruples, are at least detrimental to any kind of peace? Another question: If someone, e.g. several unfriendly someones, begin to pelt you with stones, would you feel terror? And a minority of radicals settlers endangering all of Israel. So, when does terrorism begin?

  5. Your report on the tensions in Israel makes me sick.

    Does it need another crusade to free the wholly land from extremists?