Thursday, 27 April 2017

May for June

On the face of it, it is all very democratic. The British system enables the prime minister to choose an election date to choose his or her interests. Shortly after assuring the public that she was not going to call a snap election, she called a snap election. But then Mrs. May is an accomplished liar. After all, she is the woman who supported the Remain in the EU campaign and became prime minister to bulldoze a Brexit. Cleverly, she is acting to take advantage of the total state of shambles Britain’s Labour Party is in and the fact that the third party, the Liberal democrats with their 8 MPs seem to have almost ceased to exist. In truth, Theresa May is doing an Erdogan, only she is doing it the British way. She is hoping to have a majority that will make parliament obsolete. Pfui on her.

The only strategy open to true democrats in Britain is to vote tactically, disregarding any party allegiance: Find out which candidate in your constituency has a chance of beating the Tory (unless they are UKIP) and vote for her or him.

Tactical voting on 8 June is the order of the day!

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  1. Of course Theresa May is not Erdogan. Nor, of course, is she doing an Erdogan.
    She is responding to the genuinely democratic wish of her People who strive to get out of the EU, much to the envy of many others still inside the EU.
    And now she is seeking an enforced mandate to start negotiations with the EU about the mode of leaving.
    That the Labour Party is in a mess is not her doing.
    Labour is increasingly also an antisemitic Party which makes tactical voting in Labour`s favour impossible for anybody who wants to retain a good conscience.