Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Catholic Church Abuse

Two items caught my eye in today’s NY Times:

In New York the Catholic Church is trying to raise a further 100 million Dollars to compensate victims of sexual abuse by priests of the NY diocese. To date, Catholic dioceses in the USA have already paid over 4 billion US Dollars to abuse victims. Many claims have not yet been settled and this amount does not include the billions paid in other countries across the world.

In the Philippines, the Catholic Church has just actively and successfully lobbied against a government plan to introduce condoms and HIV education into schools. Unlike other Asian countries, HIV infection rates are skyrocketing in the Philippines. The Rev. Jerome Secillano, an officer of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, praised the decision to back away from the plan as “a wise move.”

Let there be no doubt: this too is abuse.

In case you want to understand why the Church is incapable of making the necessary change, read my book, Double Cross: The Code of the Catholic Church.

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