Thursday, 16 March 2017


Go and see the film. Very well played. Wonderful photography. A coming of age story of a black kid, surrounded by drugs, poverty, broken home, and on top of it all, he has to deal with his homosexuality and with the mobbing that comes with it.  

But what really did it for me in this film, is the understanding how Trump got elected. This enormous underclass that has nothing to lose, whose life is so very far away from what Washington does or says or the way it lives – these people rightly do not give a damn about who is President. They know from experience that whoever gets elected – things will not change for them.

Their choice was between Hillary, a remote woman in Washington, from a different planet and a glitzy TV personality, who they know from “The Apprentice” programme, whose gross language resembles theirs and who is despised by the people they despise – the enemy of thy enemy etc. So millions voted Trump with a “what the Shit” attitude. And now the Shit is in the White House. The Shit is on all of us.  

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