Thursday, 16 March 2017

Geert to spend more time under the perming machines

What a nice morning to wake up to: A judge in Hawaii has issued an order blocking Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban and Geert Wilders has not been able to make it in the Netherlands. It feels like the sun is shining for a change.

The Dutch have redeemed themselves, but we will have the same effect as the German Green party has had in Germany. They may not win enough votes to rule the country, but they impact the political discourse and their, at first seemingly, revolutionary ideas seep into the party programmes of the main parties, to become generally acceptable. A force for the good. Sadly, the same is happening with the disgusting immoral ideologies of the far right. To compete with the far right, the centre goes right.

But, for the time being, Geert Wilders will have more time to spend at his coiffeur’s. I recommend a long stay under one of those hair perming machines.

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  1. Appropos Israel - and nothing to with the Dutch, I was interested to see the recent publication of the World Economic Forum report on the World's Happiest Countries in 2016.

    Israel ranked 11.

    Or put another way,Israel ranked first after 5 Scandanavian countries, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Switzerland. Not an altogether bad reflection on contemporary Israeli society.

    I would expect that the survey excluded those living in Judea and Samaria.