Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Worried about the children

I recently asked German friends of mine, what their children, all three in their mid-twenties, are saying about the coming elections (due in September). They are a fairly well-off family, or at least very comfortable and the parents are supporters of Mrs. Merkel’s party, the CDU. Their children – much to the parents’ dismay – will definitely not be supporting Mrs. Merkel: They have no sympathy whatsoever for the refugees, who should solve their problems in their own countries.

This is bad news. Not only Germany, but the whole of Europe and indeed the entire liberal world needs Merkel, who seems to be the sole sane moral voice in power these days.  

Talk to your children: they already know about birth control and about the dangers of porn in the internet – Now talk to them about the dangers lurking in nationalism, fascism and in demagoguery that seems to be taking us all over.


  1. Es freut mich, daß Du so vernünftig, bzw. positiv über Frau Merkel schreibst !!!

  2. Dislike of refugees may not be the main reason for being anti-CDU. Others are numerous: essentially identical politics to SPD, spending too much rather than running down deficit, too little done for young families and education, FDP beginning to look more appealing usw. usw.

  3. The truth is: Neither the World nor Germany needs Merkel.

    She likes to wax lyrical about "moral imperatives" and "values" and a few of her followers - including our much esteemed blogger - sing along like deluded nightingales.

    In reality she just attempts to cover up a moment of zealous wrecklessness, during which she suffered an attack of helper's syndrome. During this condition of hers she probably did more harm to her country than anybody after 1945.

    Nowadays she travels to one of the world's most ruthless dictators every other month to bow to him, promise him much money, support him in his legal fights against cabaretists who joke about him, but says nothing at all about his incarcerating critical journalists.

    And why does she do all this? So that the dictator will condescend to help her in warding off migrants and refugees.
    Whatever drives her is certainly not moral rectitude.

  4. I fully agree with you and wish we all would vote for Merkel as we desperately need political stability in Europe and Germany in particular. Whilst Politics and moral rectitude don't gel Merkel is one of the very few "Realpolitiker" who reveals a moral backbone not shying away from reminding the world that we need to heed our values. I am aghast at how many of our acquaintances in Germany lately display a rhetoric reminiscent of our darkest days. The cynicism combined with a lack of empathy and moral value is astounding particularly coming mainly from a generation who has never experienced war, famine, poverty and conflict!
    As for my girls now in their late 20's whilst holding a German passport they cannot vote - anywhere! As they have not lived in Germany since the age of 11/12 when we moved they are not eligible to vote in Germany nor anywhere else. We are seriously thinking of taking this to the courts...