Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Art of the Deal – McMaster

So, why did Trump chose as his national security adviser, a three-star general, whose doctoral thesis that was published under the title “Dereliction of Duty” takes military leaders to task for supporting the Johnson administration’s Vietnam war strategy? General McMaster, according to the NY Times, “lays out the consequences of abetting misguided presidents with ill-conceived policies.”

My guess is that McMaster is a result of a deal made between Trump and senior Republicans, who must be worried shitless about what their party has placed in the White House. Trump knows that he needs the support of these old boys and I can well imagine that the man who speaks of himself as “the” dealmaker, has made a deal: He will have to take a national security adviser who has made his view clear about the need to prevent “misguided presidents with ill-conceived policies” and in return he will get support in Congress.


  1. You probably overrate his foresight. Trump is no calculating tactician. Rather, he wears his heart on his shirtsleeve, for better or worse.

    His main aim at this stage of his presideny is to fulfill those election promises, for which he was elected. These attempts prove that he is a political layman. A professional politician wouldn't do that. Amongst others Hollande, Merkel or Obama each illustrated that in abundance.

  2. Your blog is wonderful