Sunday, 6 November 2016


Already, in the UK, we have millions of pro-Brexit voters, who have suddenly seen the light and admit that their vote was a mistake.

As I write this, it is not yet clear whether we can forget the man or whether this trump will become Mr. President. What is clear, is that more than 60 million Americans are going to vote trump. What is also clear, going by turnout statistics from previous US presidential elections, in which only between 50 and 55 per cent of those entitled to vote, bothered to go out and vote, that more than 100 million may with their abstention pave trump’s road to the presidency.  


  1. I recall reading just that before the Brexit vote: That there will be Millions of Brits who despite all their misgivings about the EU, in the poll booths they will see the light. Now I read the same pronouncements in the same media all over again, hear them from the same foreign politicians, the London Establishment of course, and a few Scots: The tale of the millions of Brits who cry out to stay in the EU.
    All these don't - in their arrogance - understand the first principle of democracy: It is not the elites (as such mostly self proclaimed) who decide, it is the majority of the British people.
    The majority wanted to get out when the vote was taken. The were not swayed even by the most intense skullduggery to have been conducted since the end of the War. There exercised their right as the sovereign of their island and they demand that their will be carried out.

  2. Ich bin im Februar geboren und ich finde es nicht nett, dass Du diesen Monat ‚miserable‘ nennst, wiewohl ich Deine Meinung teile, dass die Politik von PM May miserabel ist. Wenn das Parlament jetzt gehört werden muss, was eigentlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit ist, was passiert, wenn das Parlament den BREXIT verweigert? Ist das vorstellbar?