Sunday, 7 February 2016

How not to send postcards from Venice

In some European countries it is possible to buy stamps at tobacconists. Over Christmas in Venice, we bought stamps for 8 postcards. They seemed more expensive than they should have been and the vendor explained that it was a special service that is more reliable than the Italian postal service. He then gave us a pamphlet and explained that the cards should not be put in the normal red boxes but in special postcard boxes, listed in the pamphlet.

It took us half an hour to find the nearest “special” box. It was hidden inside a small shop in the market:

Anyone who – at a time of email, messenger, whatsapp and other means of communication – still sends postcards – be warned – the cards have still not arrived. “Friend Post” is not so friendly, it turns out.


  1. its OK , we were not expecting a card anyway.

  2. My Mother did the same in Rome and asked me to post the cards. I forgot about these special stamps and put the cards in,a regular letterbox. These never arrived. Not a surprise, but your story makes me feel better!