Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Jewish State ?

In recent years, Netanyahu has been demanding that Palestinians, Iran, other Arab countries – in fact, anyone he would rather not compromise with – recognise Israel as Jewish state.

This designation of Israel - considering the ever-lower sinking moral norms of Israeli society and the Israeli ruling class – may have disastrous consequences not only for Israel but also for the whole of the Jewish people, on whose behalf Netanyahu often purports to be speaking.

Question: Does current Israeli policy and politics turn you into an anti-Semite? It may not be politically correct, it may not be justified, but is that the result?


  1. The question whether it is politiocally correct to accuse Israeli Society of causing antisemitism is dwarfed by its plain silliness:

    The "decline" of Israeli Society cannot have begun before 1948.
    Antisemitism, unfortunately, started approximately 2000 years ago.

  2. It is one the oldest antisemitic cliches to say (or write!) that Jews have only themselves to blame for the antisemitisn that roams through the Ages.

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