Saturday, 31 January 2015

USA funding settlements

The Israeli government has once again announced the building of housing units for Jewish settlers in the Occupied territories. And, the US government has once again responded with a statement, that “the move was deeply concerning”.  

The White House added, “We have deep concerns about these highly contentious settlement construction announcements… They will enflame already heightened tension with the Palestinians…”

Perhaps the White House should put a stop to some of the funding, if it wants to bring about an end to this illegal settlement of the Occupied Territories:
In straight military aid alone, the US funds Israel to the tune of 3.15 billion US dollars, per year. Other forms of aid come on top.

But if the USA continues to fund Israel, it should stop protesting.

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  1. The US (a settler state, take note!) should increase their payments and the European Community - which specializes in morality - should start making payments to Israel. For by comparison to its neighbours, all of them, Israel is indeed a lighthouse of morality, of righteousness and of liberty.

    We may recall the words of Thomas Jefferson: "Liberty is like a boysterous sea. Timid men prefer the calm of despotism."