Tuesday, 14 October 2014

British Parliament recognises Palestine

1. Congratulations to the British parliament for voting (274 against 12) in favour of a motion recognising a Palestinian State. The debate – as parliamentary debates often go – was not very impressive, the outcome, however, is positive.

The motion is not binding on the British government and may therefore just be symbolic  - but symbolic acts, with the right luck, can be powerful too.

2. Shame on the Israeli Labour Party that tried to use its – evidently non-existent – influence over members of the British Labour party in a last minute hysterical attempt to block the vote. Leading the opposition means not acting like a government poodle. Try to remember that Mr. Herzog!

1 comment:

  1. It occurs to me that accordingt o the figures you give only 286 members of Parliament took part in the vote, almost all of them in favour of a Palestine. That begs the question: Where were the other 364 members of Parliament?
    Why did they not cast a vote?
    Could it be that they feared for their lives? Perhaps being axed down or beheaded if they didn`t vote the "right" way?
    Or was it merely fear that they might loose the muslim vote in the next election?