Thursday, 2 October 2014

Are they crazy... or is there a Conspiracy?

These days when we learn that the United States Secret Service seems to almost offer President Obama up for target practice – I cannot be the only one thinking of the many times we have all been put through absurd as well as unfriendly “security” when entering the USA. They are spending billions for the security of the President alone and yet it seems very easy to get to him. 

Combining arrogance with inefficiency is always bad and can be deadly.

Time after time one is surprised by the enormity of American inefficiency. We tend to think of Silicon Valley – who may not be that efficient either – and make assumptions about the rest of America. Let us not forget what a disastrous, badly prepared, carried out and mismanaged war the US has led in Iraq. And not for lack of funds…


  1. Your blog was sent on to me. Very lively comments, and I agreed with most of them.

  2. Voller Interesse lese ich soeben Deine Gedanken über unsere Weltsituation!

    Ach wärest Du hier, dass wir persönlich darüber sprechen könnten!