Friday, 5 September 2014

Boycott Fairly

British Film director Ken Loach has called for a boycott of all cultural and sporting events supported by the Israeli state, adding that Israel must become a pariah state.

I am all for boycotts and, indeed, Israel has given and continues to give good reasons for boycott.

Boycotts can be legitimate on a personal level, as an expression of serious disagreement or even revulsion and more importantly as an attempt to exert group pressure for affecting change. Yet, they should be set up not only emotionally, but also fairly. I googled the terms “Ken Loach” and “boycott” and found that the one and only boycott Loach is calling for is on Israel. There is not a single other country in the world, the actions of which Loach wishes to bring to a halt by means of a boycott. How about Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, to name but a few candidates? Why does Loach support the cultural output of various dictatorships around the world by not boycotting them?

PS: It may be hard for Loach to accept, but his call for a boycott is likely to have as much impact as my blogged ruminations. 


  1. Ken Loach does not mention genocide in Ruanda, nor a Syrian dictator`s war on his country`s population, he does not object to the filmed decapitations of journalists (and countless others) by radical Sunnites in Iraq, and - much closer to home - he does not ask how it was ever possible that 1400 little girls and boys were sexually abused in a small town in the middle of England without anybody objecting.

    No, all he desires is to turn Israel into a pariah state by whatever means.

    Here is an example of a successful, intelligent, wealthy artist whose body and soul is infested with antijudaism. Why are the minds of the likes of Loach, Günther Grass or Henning Mankell contaminated by such a hatred of Jews?
    It is one of those inexplicable psychological phenomena which defy analysis.

  2. Is there an hint of regert from old ways and a hint of support to Israel and the Israeli people? :-)