Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Anna Netrebko

I was there. And I saw and heard this year’s Salzburg Festival’s highlight: Beautiful, powerful and sensitive. It was the most wonderful opera singing that I have ever heard. Il Trovatore with Anna Netrebko, as Leonora. Some have compared her performance to Callas. Long may she last and give us pleasure!

The production (Alvis Hermanis) was quite interesting and makes clearer than anything I had seen before, that the gypsy Azucena is really the central tragic figure in this opera. Perhaps the opera ought better be named after the gypsy instead of after the troubadour.

ARTE will broadcast the Trovatore production on Friday, 15 August, at 20:15 (CET). Try to watch it. 


  1. Thanks to you we enjoyed watching. Marie-Nicole Lemieux as Azucena was the real discovery! Netrebko did a marvelous job beside a more than adequate, but not sublime Domingo and a Trovatore with a lovely but not particularly memorable voice. The orchestra was superb. The production lost one star because they unnecessarily chose to ignore the words of the libretto. Coco (and her mother)