Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Child murderers?

Israeli bombardments have not targeted but killed many children in Gaza. Playing on the old blood-libel about Jews killing Christian children, anti-Israel propaganda portrays Israel as “child murderer.”

Since the beginning of the latest round of violence, Hamas has already fired more than 2200 rockets into Israel. These rockets were aimed at the centres of population. Had Israel not managed to intercept most of these missiles, the number of dead Israeli civilians, including women and children, would by far have exceeded the number of dead Palestinians.

So who is the child murderer? Israel that sometimes fails in its attempts to avoid hitting civilians or Hamas that has fortunately failed in its attempts to kill thousands of Israeli civilians including women and children? 


  1. Correction
    3000 Hamas missiles into Israel!

  2. Mein Gott, was für eine Welt und so nah am Krieg. Ich habe einen zweiten Keller zugemietet und fülle alles mit Konserven. Ich will nicht hungern müssen, wenn dann der Knall kommt. Du bist hier herzlich eingeladen

  3. I appreciate your balanced & illuminating assessments of what's going on in Israel, David.

  4. Ranan in support of Israel!? wow!