Friday, 21 February 2014

North Korea

The UN has published a damning report about North Korea that compares atrocities committed by the Kim Jong Un regime to those perpetrated by the Nazis.

Is it really wrong to militarily interfere and free the North Koreans from this evil regime?  We normally fail in such attempts but is simply giving up morally acceptable? 


  1. It seems to me there are two or three very good reasons for not attacking North Korea:
    Firstly they are a nuclear power.
    Secondly the Chinese would not tolerate it.
    And anyway, who would lead such an attack? The South Koreans in a sort of collective suicide attack? The Swiss, perhaps? You wouldn`t really expect the Americans to do it, not again.
    Difficult therefore.

  2. The real question is 'would the South Koreans stand for it?' Apart from geopolitical concerns, there doesn't appear to be much love for a united Korea south of the border.

    1. Is that the real question?
      What about the North Koreans?