Friday, 21 February 2014

Emperor Rattle

Today’s post included a brochure of the Easter music festival in Baden Baden, an event that is purely Berliner Philharmoniker. It is evidently not selling well if they have to to a mailing of their expensive brochures less than two months before the events.

Eight concerts/opera performances are conducted by Berliner Philharmoniker’s chief conductor, Simon Rattle, who - the brochure informs us – is somewhat of an “uncrowned emperor in a profession that is full of kings”.  Conductors of the world move aside to receive Emperor Rattle! 

Magdalena Kozena, the empress, will be singing in six of the eight performances conducted by her husband. Any inside information on whether Rattle’s contract stipulates that his wife must be part of the deal? 

1 comment:

  1. Since Karajan`s day the Berlin Philharmonic performed exclusively at the Easter Festival in Salzburg. I must have cost Baden Baden quite a bit to lure them away, possibly with extra concessions to their Maestro.

    Then again, why shouldn`t Rattle (emperor or not) appear with his wife? She is a perfectly decent singer in her own right.