Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yishai on Grass is not Potty

Eli Yishai, Israel’s minister of the interior, a man who has probably never heard of, let alone read Günter Grass, has announced that Grass would not be permitted to enter Israel. This hysterical and populist announcement makes Israel more similar to Iran than to the West, it so very much hopes to be part of.
Shas, Yishai’s party, with its ten out of the 120 members of Israel’s parliament, has remarkable parallels with Iran: ultraorthodox, hatred spreading and homophobe. Like Iran, there is a man who runs government and there is a supreme spiritual leader. Rabbi Ovadia Joseph, Shas's supreme leader himself, is not a member of Israel’s government. He leaves that to Yishai and his colleagues who in turn obey their spiritual leader's instructions.
And now, the physical similarity: Israel’s Rabbi with his Deputy Prime Minister Yishai and Iran’s Ayatollah with President Ahmadinejad.


  1. Diese Shas, wie Du in Deinem Buch ja auch schreibst, treibt gar kein gutes Spiel.

    Es scheint, Israel wird hinkünftig weitaus grössere Probleme durch diese gefährlichen Innendeppen erfahren, als durch von Aussendeppen verfasste Gedichte anrichten können. Es kommt nicht gut.

  2. Such a silly Billy!
    Then again, nobody claims that there are no stupid Jews in the world also.

  3. I much enjoyed the juxtaposition of the photographs of the two supreme leaders and their henchmen.

  4. Mr Yishai is the spitting image of Judge Mortazavi, the Judge Jefferies of the disturbances in 2009.

  5. Sorry to say that when visiting Israel and Westbank the similarities between the radicals of both religions were indeed more than the dissimilarities... So: thanks for the visualisation on governmental level. Let's just hope the moderates, being the majority, will stop this puppeteering

  6. Your shas iran comparison is straight out of the private eye mode