Sunday, 29 April 2012

Putsch in Israel?

A week after Israel’s army’s chief of staff opined that the Iranian leadership was “very rational” and expressed doubt that Iran would continue to develop its nuclear weapon to completion, Netanyahu and Barak, the duo that leads Israel into a collision course with Iran, were given another blow, this time by the former head of shabak, Israel’s internal secret service.

Yuval Diskin, until a year ago, head of the shabak, has just come out with an unusually strong-worded warning. Diskin warned of the risk posed – not by a possible Palestinian terror attack but - by no less than Netanyahu and Barak, the country’s prime minister and minister of defence.

Diskin said: "I don't believe in either the prime minister or the defence minister. I don't believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feelings." According to him, Barak and Netanyahu are misleading the public and unfit to hold power.

He is not alone. Meir Dagan, until a year ago, a feared and well-respected head of Israel’s mossad, is also making his voice heard against an Israeli attack of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Dagan referred to such an attack as “stupid”, explaining that it would be ineffective and that it could lead to an all out war.

These people are evidently worried.  

It is not a putsch, but it is an – in all likelihood - concerted attempt by heads and former heads of the security establishment to prevent Israel’s democratically elected government from carrying out its policy vis-à-vis Iran, by warning the Israeli population and the world about the mental state of Barak and Netanyahu. 


  1. Don't let your hate of Mr. Netanyaho blind you from seen the stupid arguments of Mr. Diskin.

    1. David - which of Diskin's arguments are stupid? You may say that the expensive real estate of our Matkal Commando duo is not relevant, but that was not an argument only a bit of colour.

      As regards Netanyahu - I do not hate him - I despise him. The man is the key player bringing about the end of a democratic State of Israel.

  2. I think one of the first ones to be openly unhappy with Barak was Lea Rabin. If I'm not disinformed, Barak has in his times as MP taken as much land/let it be occupied or "freed" as Scharon. And the way Netanjahu talks lets me fear for Israels future...