Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rejected by Her Majesty

The Queen is giving me the silent treatment: Her Majesty has not bothered to react to my suggestion that she give her art collection as a present to the nation to celebrate her sixty years on the throne.

This probably means that I am unlikely to be knighted for this idea. Shame. I liked the sound of "Sir David".


  1. זו אנטישימיות להעדיף תואר ממלכת אנגליה, לה נתת רק עצה אחת בחצי השנה האחרונה, מאשר מאחמדיניגאד שקיבל ממך שתיים.

  2. The f.... truth is, you would really love to be SIR David!
    But Dr. David is just fine.

  3. Sure, David, but if I remember correctly, David who fought Goliath didn't get to be knight. Perhaps you should aspire higher- or does kingdom sound so bad? :-)