Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Should one buy goods made by Jewish Settlers in the Occupied Territories?

The new law that was passed by Israel’s parliament prevents me from advocating a "geographically based boycott." Under this law, the party injured in the boycott call could sue me for damages in a civil court.

Whilst not advocating a boycott, I would like to inform my friends that I make a point of not buying goods produced by settlers in their illegal settlements. Moreover, I can well imagine that those buying Israeli goods may wish to know whether what they are about to buy has been produced in Israel or whether it stems from one of the Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories.

If, despite Israel’s attempt to shut up free speech, boycott would succeed, thriving companies might wish to reconsider: For example, perhaps the shareholders of Ahava, a company making cosmetics from Dead Sea minerals, will consider moving their plant from the Occupied Territories into the area of the State of Israel?


  1. There are many places where Haava can be bought. I think the settlements are just like a red light district for the Israelies , we put a lot of mouny and in return we get some Haava.

  2. David, I like your analogy. The problem with red light districts is that what you get is not ahava (hebrew for love) but syphilis.

    Syphilis, untreated, eventually causes madness and dementia. Has Israel reached that stage?

  3. I could not agree more with what you are saying.

    Du bist einiger der wenigen, der das Ausspricht ohne gleich als Antisemit beschimpft zu werden.

  4. And don`t buy from Americans until they return the continent to the Red Indians.
    And don`t buy from the Chinese until they return Tibet to the Tibetans.
    Don`t buy Russian gas until they get out of Chechnya, Ingushetya and bunch of other states.
    Is anybody still buying Libyan oil?

    I could go on. The world is an imperfect place.

    And of course, it is not so long ago that Germans were asked not to buy from Jews as long as Jews still occupied (shops in) Germany.

  5. Hey, Alex,
    how can any sane person compare or even equate Davids thoughts about buying goods produced by illegal settlers in occupied areas to Hitlers Germany?!?

  6. Dear David,
    although I know you are now very busy preparing the publication of your newest book, I hope to get to know your thoughts about Bibis nice idea of building new homes in East-Jerusalem and the Westbank....

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    My views are probably quite obvious - but sadly it is not only a Bibi issue. Israeli governments have been building in the Occupied Territories with impunity for too long.