Thursday, 7 July 2011

Other People on MY Plane – II

My call for more consideration by those entering the public domain managed to anger some readers. However, not one of those who suggested that to avoid being disturbed I should fly first class had offered to buy me first class tickets. It is not that I do not appreciate luxury I simply cannot afford it. I can hardly afford the fares they charge for economy these days, let alone first class.

I know, beggars can’t be choosers but this is not the point. We no longer let people poison us with nicotine exhalation, why should we tolerate other people’s noise or dirt?


  1. I totally get it now.

    A practical approach will be to have washrooms at each airport gate where all passengers (and staff) will be kindly requested to take a (thorough?) shower, to the satisfaction of everyone. More or less what one is expected to do before entering a public pool...
    I can imagine that EasyJet would only offer cold water and no towel (well they will charge 30$ for hot water and a to small towel i guess).
    I wave my IP rights on this idea and encourage you to propose it to all airports (where you visit) and aviation companies...

    More to the point. I agree we should not be exposed to other people's noise or dirt, further more even being exposed to the existence of some people is sometimes painful to me. But being in a public space limits the control and the standards of our personal choice.

    Regarding the first-class tickets, I don't think i can afford them either but I will be happy to buy you some earplugs to make your journey (and life?) more pleasant.



  2. Isn`t the real thing missing in more and more contemporaries respect for other people, personal space? I just don`t get why some people believe they have the right to behave without care for their surroundings. I like children, accidents can happen, but I don`t have to rejoice being doused in Cola by a nice creative child on train.
    Even living in a functioning democracy and having rights means to accept the duties too.
    Part of the problem is political correctness seems to hamper us reacting to rudeness...