Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Murdoch – Back to Australia

There is an old British tradition of sending criminals from England to Australia. Let's find the old law that arranged for the shipping of unwanted Britons to that country and send Murdoch back to Australia, the country he came from. Now is the time to get rid of him.

With a bit of luck, if the allegations of bribery by Murdoch’s company will be proven, that will also be the end of his US media empire.

The phone hacking scandal could become a blessing if it brings about a change in our rules on media ownership.

Let us have no compromises – Murdochs and their ilk should not be allowed to control the media. We should not let them – just because they successfully seduce us with titillating stories - manipulate our politics and have power over our lives.

Seize the moment.

1 comment:

  1. While Murdoch has within a few years successfully swept away the high standards of the British press which I was told in school were unrivalled, why has he not been able to be successful in Germany by the way? His activities there are a disaster.