Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pozzo Divino

I know, pozzo in Italian is not putz in American, however... why am I not surprised that the person who named his shop Pozzo Divino chose to establish himself in canto alle stinche? Where else?


  1. I found this: That's your wine cellar / store you are refering to. They say: "Pozzo Divino above its fine range of wines and arts one can enjoy the store which has been restored to its 13th century beauty and above all its cellars where the “Well” can be found which derives its name of the store." - Pozzo meaning "Brunnen".

    But also it could mean "göttliche Grube / Schacht" which would make sense, because of the prison in the area.

  2. The wine shop is located and the wine is stored in the same cellars which used to be prisons - Machievelli was once held there.

  3. Du bist schon ein frecher Vogel!!!! Schön ist es aber schon in Italien, gell – nein ich meinte gell, nicht geil. Geil ist es nicht, sind alle so katholisch.