Sunday, 10 April 2011

The David Ranan Peace Plan

A Facebook friend of mine put the following question to his friends:

What is the craziest, non-political, non-violent idea you can think of to get Israelis and Palestinians to come together and make peace?

My response was:

Put the leadership of both sides under curfew: Lock them up in their own countries. Close the rest of the world to the top 5000 on each side. Prevent them from travelling, shopping, investing and accumulating money overseas. They are all so corrupt that they will not hold out: Soon enough, the Israeli as well as the Palestinian leadership will agree a deal.

One will, of course, need international cooperation for such a boycott to work and that is unlikely to be agreed. It is a shame really, because such a travel boycott would most probably deliver peace.


  1. I am very pessimistic that such a peace contract would work.

    What do you do with all those crazy people who don´t accept this treaty? Those, who still go on killing people, those, you want to occupy more of the foreign country, those, who feel neglected, those, who are religiously urged?

    I think this problem could only be stopped if you install dictatory regimes on both times. But who does want such a solution?

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  3. Dear David - thank you for your blogs which I always enjoy reading!!!

  4. Not so Gut, Our hearts… and Egypt are all excellent. Congratulations. The plumber series amusing and nerve-wracking, I feel for you.

  5. Even if your plan works and a peace deal can be reached, does this stop corruption and hostility in the Middle East?

    I would rather suggest that the UN offer a kind of peace bonus to those who invest in the territory of their opponents. Money keeps the world together more than anything else.

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