Thursday, 2 December 2010

Timeline of Corruption

Monday Three days before the football world governing body FIFA meets to decide the venue for the 2018 World Cup, Panorama, the British television programme, airs a report about alleged large scale corruption at FIFA. British Prime Minister David Cameron criticises the BBC for jeopardising British chances of winning the nomination for the 2018 World Cup.

Wednesday Wikileaks documents report that Putin’s Russia is so corrupt that it is in reality a “mafia state”. Putin denies.

Wednesday Putin announces that he will not go to Zurich to attend the FIFA meeting, “as a sign of respect to the Committee’s members. They must have an opportunity to work calmly, without any pressure from anyone.” Now, there's a friendly gesture. All those people saying nasty things about Putin. How unfair.

Thursday FIFA announces that Russia will be the venue for the 2018 World Cup. Of the twenty-two votes in the FIFA Executive Committee only two went for Britain. Having failed in their attempts to lobby FIFA Board members, David Cameron, David Beckham and Prince William return to London with their respective tails between their legs.

Thursday Putin flies out to Zurich to thank the FIFA Board.


  1. Hey, the British are broke - it's about money, no?

  2. What about a sequel of your story as far as Qatar is involved?
    I guess that there was even more money at stake and the US have been unable to compete because Qatar would have stopped to buy US treasury bonds.

    Who said that football is not a political game.

  3. Yes, many seem to think like that about FIFA and Putin. The Times has it pretty clearly today. Seemed, as one letter writer put it - a fiat accompli.

  4. Yes, the Fifa governing body: Some 24 honorary (i.e. allegedly unpaid) members, 2 of whom were disqualified this time round because of corruption. They essentially run a multiBillion Dollar business.

    Some reforms, one feels, are called for.

  5. football indeed!

    Was it not the Moses of all gangsters, Al Capone, who ,when asked whether he had a problem with the police, replied 'The police (?) - I own the police! '

    I wonder if he knew something young David C didn't when he delayed his trip to the gnomes by a couple of days, to bask in the sun of success?

  6. So in 2022 it is going to be Qatar.
    To balance things out I expect in 2026 the Soccer Worldchampionships will take place in Greenland.

    Things to look forward to.

  7. Good you pointed out the strange FIFA vote under Timeline.

    As a simple citizen, you just feel terribly helpless. One should discuss ways of creating problems for these corrupt decision-makers. It really sucks. Russia, a criminal oligarchy, and Qatar, an oil-rich oven not suited for football.

    Thank goodness there’s WikiLeaks at the moment to wake some of us up a bit. Long live all hackers of that level.