Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cosmetics Do Not Cure Cancer

Israel is like a person who has cancer who – instead of going for treatment to try and get rid of his tumour – goes for a facial and a haircut and expects everyone to admire his beauty. He then gets annoyed when his friends suggest that he should see a doctor.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Bibi Natanyahu’s best friend and supporter in the USA is cosmetics heir Ron Lauder.


  1. I think that the description was accurate. The cynical conclusion however was not.

    Cancer is not easily treated. It tends to spread and grow. It does not cure using negotiations and concession. Usually, a more violent and harsh measures required. Such measures that healthy people may not always understand. Israel is suffering from Cancer indeed, but I feel that Mr. Ranan is trying to convince Israel that it should not treat it cancer, but instead try to negotiate with it in good faith.

  2. David, you are absolutely right: Cancer should not be negotiated but eradicated.

    Israel's cancer, the ultra right wing settlers and their political representatives must be eradicated. Otherwise, Israel - like the cancer patient - will die. Neither the Eurovision winners, not even the Nobel prize winners will be able to help.