Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thank You America

It has taken the US a long time, a very very long time. Left-of-centre Israelis have been praying for US intervention for years. Instead, the USA has permitted Israel to run wild with its settlements in the Occupied Territories. Finally, the Obama administration has told Israel to fuck off.

Israel had gotten used to pissing on its dwindling number of friends with impunity. Announcing new building plans in East Jerusalem during Jo Biden’s Israel visit last week was one outrage too many. Worse even was Israel’s subsequent explanation that they were sorry about the timing of the announcement. They were not sorry about the actual building plans.

Will Netanyahu finally go for peace? Will he bring in new coalition partners instead of his present land grabbing lot? I believe that - like so many others - Israel only understands the language of power. The time has come for the US to use its power.


  1. לגבי ההתנחלויות,אני מסכים כמעט עם כל מילה שלך ,אני חושב שהרבה מהמחדלים שקורים בארץ היום ,באשמת ציפי ליבני - אם היא הייתה פחות עקשנית ומצטרפת מזמן לממשלה, הקרקע הייתה נשמטת מתחת רגליהם של המפלגות הימין דתיות . אני לא בטוח שאתה מסכים עם
    התזה הזאת

  2. One cannot help wondering of course:
    Would Obama, would Mrs. Clinton ever speak like that to Hugo Chavez, Ghaddafi, Ahmadinejad, Kim Il Jong, let alone the Chinese government that protects them all?

  3. Wir teilen zum größten Teil die gleiche Ansicht hinsichtlich Israels unsäglichen Politik .

  4. Hi David,

    Sent you a detailed radio interview request to your facebook account for this Sunday, March 28th live via phone at 1:15p EST here in the states. Also emailed request to your book publisher.